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The Arabic Network learned that the Orthodox Church in Egypt forced the new monks to sign pledges to ban the use of telephone and social networking sites.
Bishop Lucas [Lūkās], Bishop of Abnūb, Head of the Monastery of the Great Martyr Mina - The Wondrous, (the Hanging Monastery on Mount Abnūb)  in Asūyṭ fulfilled the ritual of ordination of the monks of two monastic students in the monastery in the name of Rev. Ghubriyyāl al-Abnūbī and Rev. Rāfāʾīl...
Copts celebrate in their prayers in churches, on Wednesday, according to the "Synaxarium canon", the commemoration of the martyrdom of Saints "Euphemia, Takla, and Martha".
Bishop Murqus, Bishop of Shubrā al-Khayma, attended the ceremony of enthronement of Bishop Anṭūniyyūs Murqus, Metropolitan  of the Diocese of South Africa.
Spokesman of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Rev. Būlus Ḥalīm, published a new collection of photos of Bishop Gabriel, Bishop of Banī Suwayf for the Coptic Orthodox, during his presidency of the ordination of five new priests to serve in the cities and villages of the diocese.
In special statement to Al-Dustur, the Secretary to Pope Tawāḍrūs II FR. Anjilius Ishaq expressed his strong displeasure with the rumor spread about Metropolitan Anba Bākhūmius of Buḥayra and its Affiliated Areas.
Anba Mūsa, bishop of the youth of the Coptic Orthodox Church and secretary of Institute of Education, dedicated the most recent article in the Journal of "Al-Keraza", to enlightenment under the title of "enlightenment in our lives."
  Anba Arsanyyus, Bishop of the New Valley, casted his vote in the referendum on the constitutional amendments at Al Amal Primary School.
Bishop Maqār, the bishop of Sharqiyya and 10th of Ramadan City, said that al-Laqqān is the service until the washing of the legs, which is the case for washing the inner heart.
His Holiness Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of Alexandria, Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, delivered his weekly sermon at the Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Bishoy in St Mark's Cathedral in ‘Abbāssiyya.


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