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The Holy Synod Secretary Bishop Daniel stated that the Coptic Orthodox Church issued no statements regarding the decision to defrock two monks of the St. Makarius Monastery, also known as Abu Maqār Monastery, for not complying to the regulations of monastic life and disobeying the abbot of their...
The Committee of Faith and Dogma of the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod, headed by the General Bishop of the Youth, Bishop Mūsa, has submitted a classified report to Pope Tawadros II on doctrinal offenses committed by members of the Alexandria Priest Seminary for Theological Studies. 
Pope Shenouda wrote a book entitled ‘Bida‘ Ḥadīthah’ [Modern Heresies] in which he discussed the ideas of some people, among whom was Father Mattá al-Miskīn. In the book Pope Shenouda does not mention the name of Father al-Miskīn but refers to his work “The interpretation of Saint Mark’s Gospel,’...
Shīrīn Rāghib presents the recommendations from the laymen conference and asserts that the Coptic Orthodox Church is not going to consider the recommendations and will stay a center of power for clergymen.
Rose al-Yūsuf published Akram Rif‘at’s paper about church trails and this was the reason behind his dismissal from his editing position at the Sunday school magazine.
George Ḥabīb Bibāwī publishes the fourth episode of his series of articles in Rose al-Yūsuf newspaper about the problems facing the church. This article is entitled ‘Church law and the edicts of excommunication from the church.’
Sanā’ al-Sa‘īd conducted an excellent interview with H.H. Pope Shenouda, who said dialogue among religions should not tackle differences in beliefs since this lead to unnecessary disputes.
Upon detaining 15 priests in Suhāj, and after the problematic discussions of the laymen’s conference, church trials are put in question. Farghalī reports many Copts’ opinions and comments about the matter.
George Ḥabīb Bibāwī publishes the third article in his series of articles in Rose al-Yūsuf about the problems facing the church. This article is entitled, ‘The Inheritance of Pope Shenouda III.’
Rober al-Fāris responds to an article published by al-Kirāzah magazine, mouthpiece of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt, on church trials.
The conference about the reform in the Coptic Orthodox Church is still arousing noise. This review presents the comments of Bishop Murqus, the official spokesman of Pope Shenouda III, and other different echoes and comments on the conference.
After the big fuss made about a conference entitled, ‘Laymen and the Church,’ the conference sessions were completed and recommendations were announced. The following lines shed light on the conference sessions, on its final recommendations and on the aroused echoes.
Early last Friday morning, thousands of Christians of all ages rushed into the church of Virgin Mary in Luxor. The occasion was Bishop Musa calling the Christians of Luxor in an attempt to open a positive conversation to solve the crisis after the people’s out right rejection of the decision...
This article gives an overall view of the case of deposing Bishop Ammonius. It exposes the different reactions of the Christians of Luxor towards the decision of the Holy Council as well as the comment of the Holy Council itself.
The transcript of an interview conducted by Cornelis Hulsman with Kamāl Zākhir Mūsá, in which Mūsá provides a background of his work and publications. Mūsá further describes his own experiences and confrontations with the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt.
Father Marqus, the secretary of Pope Shenouda and the spokesman of the Coptic Orthodox Church, comments on Pope Shenouda’s statements about the severity of church trials. He also defends Pope Shenouda in relations to discussions about his successor.
Father Andrawus ‘Azīz criticizes the decision made by a bishop to excommunicate those who read the daily independent Rose al-Yūsuf.
This article presumes that Bishop Bīshūy’s aggressive attitude is due to the oppression that he was previously subject to.
The dioceses of the Coptic Orthodox Church have experienced an unprecedented state of rebellion. Many statements have been issued from different groups on the moral and financial improprieties committed by some bishops, who are supposed to be the spiritual symbols of the church.
This press review deals with criticisms made by a number of Coptic intellectuals against Archbishop Bīshūy, whom Christians term "the iron archbishop." His strict ways have resulted in the defrocking of many priests and 50,000 Christians leaving their Orthodox beliefs.


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