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A number of Christians from the Upper Egyptian village of al-Kushh, Assuit governorate, filed charges against some clergy from the Kushh church, accusing them of misusing authority to collect compulsory donations from the poor villagers.
Bishop Bīshūy considers himself to be God on Earth. He refuses to discuss with people who have opinions that differ from his. The author of the article reveals what he considered to be violations of the Christian doctrine in the writings of Bishop Bīshūī.
The Orthodox church continues its war against dissenting priests at its annual conference on orthodox doctrine.
In this article the author tries to analyze bishop Bīshūy’s stance against him and other key Orthodox figures by quoting an email written by Dr. George Habīb Bibawi.
Pilgrimage and Coptic divorce were amongst the top issues discussed by Pope Shenouda in his last Wednesday meeting.
Jamāl As‘ad criticizes the recent tendency in the Coptic Orthodox Church to view the pope’s opinions, whether they are religious or political, as something to be followed. Whoever rejects these may be accused of being kāfir [apostate].
The author in this series of articles criticizes Archbishop Bīshūy, the Secretary of the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod, and refutes the top clergyman’s claims about him, demanding that a trial to be held for himself and Archbishop Bīshūy instead of leaving "this authoritarian way of thinking" to...
The article deals with the issue of the defrocking of priests and monks as 50 clergymen have been defrocked during the past five years, the most recent of whom were two priests in al-Jīza parish who were defrocked for committing financial excesses and violating canon laws.
The author probes the reasons behind the defrocking of two priests, Father Mina Ishaq and Father Bisada Zakī.
An article questioning the soundness of disciplinary acts taken by the Holy Synod against priests and bishops.


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