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Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of St. Mark, held a meeting with New Jersey priests and their families as part of his current pastoral visit to the United States, which began on September 13, and is scheduled to last for several weeks.
In his column this week, the journalist and writer ʿImād al-Dīn Ḥusayn tackles the reformation path of the Coptic Orthodox Church under the ministry of Pope Tawāḍrūs II: The aftermath of Bishop Epiphaniyūs’ murder, the abbot of The Monastery of Saint Makarius in Wādī al-Naṭrūn, many people believe...
While many monks and priests welcomed the decision of Pope Tawādrūs II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Holy See of St. Mark to prohibit monks from holding confessions of the believers, and assigning the practice of this sacrament only to priests, some others expressed their reservations on...
This letter to the editor says how Bishop Bīshūy is largely viewed amongst Christians as an arrogant, self-assertive person.
The author reviews a book by an angry Copt, whose nom de guerre is "Christian Guevara," in which he criticized priests in the Coptic Orthodox Church and their shallow interests in attacking a movie they thought derided their sanctities while doing nothing about, for instance, the problem of...
Kamāl Zākhir Mousa draws a comparison between the theoretical or historical meaning of the word "Father" in churches and its real meaning nowadays.
The author criticizes those who reject the defrocking of priests and affirms that a priest who has been proved guilty of committing a sin deserves to be punished.
The article asserts the need for spreading sex education among youths through the church and priests, highlighting the importance of this issue to the success of any marriage.
The article covers an interview with Father Youstus Kamāl, who spoke about the idea and aim of the monthly meetings organized by the Church of St. Mary and the Angel of al-Waraq for people with incurable diseases.
The author reports about the opionions of Christian Coptic girls on getting married to men who are candidates for priesthood. The author explains that a priest’s wife should have special qualifications due to the nature of her husband’s position.


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