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Pope Shenouda inaugurated the conference of Wadi Al-Natroun, which aims at showing the historical importance of the area. An Egyptian Coptologist pointed out that the Wadi Al-Natroun reflects many of the phases of the Coptic civilization as well as its history and heritage.
Report on a visit to the monastery of St. Bishoi in Wadi al-Natroun organised by RNSAW. Several requests for RNSAW work.
Visit to the monasteries of Makarios, St. Bishoi and the Syrian organized by RNSAW. Report on the succession of Pope Shenouda. Discussion about supposedly anti-semitic news in Washington Post.
AWR asked His Grace Bishop Botros to respond to the incident which killed one Christian worker.
Bishop Wissa’s name is central to the understanding of the violence [Fitna] in Al-Kosheh, both in 1998 and in the more recent events. Since the first events of Al-Koshh in 1998, his name has become known outside his bishopric and Egypt’s borders and [his name] was repeated continuously in the Press...
The wife of Father Ibrahim Abdel Sayyed and all the family of the priest are asking: Is it possible to ask Pope Shenouda to forgive this family which has no enmity towards the church, and allow to hold the fortieth-day prayer which the members of the family will participate in, in order to forget...


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