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Ever since the abbot of St Macarius Monastery resigned there have been debates over who will succeed him and whether it will be someone from within the monastery or someone from outside.
A committee of monks has been formed to look after the monastery of St. Macarius following Bishop Mikhā’īl’s resignation as abbot of the monastery.
The AWR intern Suk-Jo Roh was able to spend a week at the Monastery of St. Macarius in Wadi al-Natrūn, in this report he describes his experiences, illustrating his tale with pictures.
The author discusses the need to preserve the Egyptian heritage, and how everybody should immerse themselves in this process, providing examples of how historical areas have been allowed to fall into disrepair.
The late Pope Kyrillos IV laid the foundation stone of the monastery of Mar Mena Al-Agybi, in 1959. The tomb of Pope Kyrillos, who took Mar Mena as his intercessor, is there. Mar Mena Al-Agybi [Mar Mena, the wonder-worker] was so called because of the wonders that took place where he was buried.
This was my first visit to a monastery. It was a wonderful visit. During my visit, I have met Muslims and Christians who came to that place because of the miracles they hear that they happen in that place. They came both to have the blessings of the saints and to spend their time in a very quiet...


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