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In response to the recent media coverage of dissenting Coptic Orthodox priests and monks, Bishop Mina says: "The one who may offend the head of the church, that is Pope Shenouda, is not only offending the Orthodox Coptic people, he is offending Christ as he is the head of the church."
An Arabic newspaper looks at "rebel monks", their activities and accusations, and the response of the leadership (including Pope Shenouda III) to their charges.
Copts prepare to celebrate Easter next Sunday [11 April 1999], and Egypt’s monasteries are making ready. It is the desert fathers who caused the monastic movement to bloom worldwide, and it is their spiritual heirs who continue to take the vows today.."
An overview of the position of Copts in Egypt.
The author demands more organization of monastic life in Egypt.
An opinion on the issue of the marriage of Monks that was discussed last week. The author refuses the concept absolutely.


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