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CIDT’s Jayson Casper writes about his experiences in Coptic Orthodoxy, offering his reflections on what he has learned as he hears of the miracles of Coptic saints.
This article sheds light on Niqādah monasteries, whose plants, inanimate objects like icons, dust or water are sacred and can heal various ailments.
CIDT Intern Alexander Wamboldt visits Atfih and Dayr al-Maimun in southern Egypt, site of ancient monasteries and contemporary churches, and reports with photographs.
In his weekly sermon Pope Shenouda eliminated the condition of having a high academic degree to join monastic life in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The story of Dayr al-Maymoun, 50kms south of Cairo where St Anthony sowed the seeds of monasticism.
Christine Chaillotis the author of a number of books on Oriental Orthodox Churches. Her first visit to Egypt was in 1981 and since then she has visited the region countless times and feels that the Orthodox Church has become her spiritual home.
Yūsuf Wahīb comments on monks and monasteries in Egypt and discusses monks’ important role in the country since Roman times.
A background on monasticism in Islam, Christianity, and Egypt.
The Coptic Orthodox Church has announced the closure of a number of monasteries until October 14.
A group of reporters and journalists have visited St. Makarius monastery in the Western Desert to show their condemnation over the government’s sale of the land to investors, despite the fact that it may contain items of substantial archaeological worth.


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