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A report on the troubles caused by the Deir Abu-Hennes name change
The author sheds light on al-Muharraq Monastery; its history and the current life of its monks.
Background on Deir Abu-Hennes
Christian residents of an Upper Egyptian village protest against its name being officially changed.
A lawsuit has been filed against ministers responsible for changing the Coptic name of an Upper Egyptian village.
Samira Mazahy reviews a lecture by a professor of the ancient Egyptian language on the Holy Family’s journey in Egypt. The professor described the stay as the real beginning of Christianity in Egypt.
The Islamic Research Academy has approved a book by a Muslim scholar on the Holy Family’s trip to Egypt and the cordial relationships between Muslims and Christians of Egypt throughout history.
Muslim and Christian Egyptians have worked together to produce a film that tackles a very crucial period in the life of Jesus Christ. The film has been officially blessed and approved by Pope Shenouda who welcomed the idea of the film.
Ākhir Sā‘ah interviewed Fāyiz Ghālī the script writer of a new movie depicting Jesus’ childhood during the Holy Family’s journey to Egypt. Ghālī announced that Pope Shenouda has approved the idea of the film being made, provided that he watches it before it is screened.
Fāyiz Ghālī is an Egyptian script writer who has finished his script that depicts the life of Jesus Christ through the Holy Family’s trip to Egypt. In spite of what he considered positive signs from the church about the movie, he announced that he will seek foreign funding if the church rejects the...


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