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The mūlid of Mar Girgis has not been the same this year in Banī Damsīs in Dakahlia.
Mīt Damsīs, the small town at the heart of al-Daqahlīya governorate, has witnessed the arrival of thousands of people who have come from all over Egypt to celebrate the anniversary of establishing the monastery of the great martyr Mār Jirjis, or Saint George. The monastery contains a part of the...
Christians in Egypt are celebrating the memory of Mar Girgis, the most popular saint all over the world.
The article investigates the relationship between Egyptian churches and ways of healing black magic, as thousands of Muslims and Christians visit certain churches everyday to seek relief from evil spirits allegedly haunting them.
Celebration of the festival of St. George at Bisari in the vicinity of Assiut on the fifth Sunday of Lent.
The author comments on the features of the mulid of St. Dimyana. He believes the mulid is a clear example on national unity. The ceremonial manifestations bring to mind the mulids of El-Sayyed Al-Badawi and Ibrahim Al-Dosoqi [pious Muslim
The governate of Qinā declared a state of emergency in preparation for the celebrations of the anniversary of St. Mar Girgis, scheduled to start next Thursday and finish on December 17.
[Mulid is a popular religious festival on the anniversary of a venerated religious figure, usually held in the locality with which he or she is closely associated] Mar Girgis is the most famous religious figure whose day of death [the day he was reborn in eternal life] people celebrate. This is...
[and Al-Ahrar, August 10, 1998] Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies issues its second ’Report on the Religious Situation in Egypt’.
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