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Assiūt is characterized by its many tourist and religious attraction, especially ones related to Christianity, because it represents a civilization, culture, and historical legacy of the Copts worldwide.
Background: Two interviews were conducted by Cornelis Hulsman at the Monastery of the Holy Virgin in Jabal Asyūt.  Side A: Brother Luke of the Monastery of the Holy Virgin in Jabal Asyūṭ (Durunka) talked (in English) about a miracle that happened years ago in a cave  where the light filled the...
Father Basilius of the Monastery of Makarius responds to the articles of Dr. John Watson [week21] and Amīr Mīlād [week 22] about the Wādī al-Rayyān, providing more details, showing the hierarchical structure of the church that does not accept individual monks going their own way.
Interview with Amīr Mīlād, a Christian desert guide, about the monks in the Wādī al-Rayyān. Amīr Mīlād adds information to the article of Dr. John Watson in AWR, 2005, week 20.
In the autumn of 1981 Christian students in London were praying for Egypt. They remembered the dramatic assassination by Muslim extremists of Anwar Sadat, the President of Egypt. There were daily prayers concerning the house arrest of the Coptic Christian Patriarch of Egypt
In this article, the Revd. Dr. John H. Watson comments on Adel Hamouda’s article on father Matta el-Meskeen that was published in Al-Arabi of July 23, 2000. Watson believes Hamouda’s article "is an extraordinarily interesting article for all who are concerned with the life of the Coptic Orthodox...
Next Wednesday, 1200 Christian priests will arrive in the Sinai in order to visit Wadi Al-Raha (Al-Raha Valley) and Saint Catherine Monastery. The members of this delegation will pray special prayers on July 21 in Wadi Al-Raha at the top of Mount Saint Catherine.
Five Christian monks are living in mountain caves 20 kilometers from the wadi. Father Matta El Maskeen lived in the same place 30 years ago.
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