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Sources revealed to “al-Dostor” that Būlūs al-Riyānī has received an official presidential pardon yesterday evening, on Tuesday. 
After more than a year of conflict with the state and the church over the priests’ refusal to allow the passage of the road, Father Athanasios, one of the monks who objected the building of a road that crosses the land of Al-Rayān, said that the crisis has been resolved after negotiations between...
This article shows that bishop Bīshūy does not like the approach of Rose al- Yūsuf newspaper and wants Copts to boycott it, which is viewed by Copts as reversion in the church’s reform.
The recent intensive conference seminars, which were supposed to be on doctrine, attacked several Coptic figures and church symbols, including as Father Mattá al-Maskīn, father Ibrāhīm ‘Abd al- Sayyid and Max Michel.
Pope Shenouda’s efforts have succeeded in solving the problem of the Fayoum Monastery’s priests. The crisis started when the Fayoum priest, Abrām, realized that the nine priests were violating the laws of priesthood in many ways, such as eating alone although the laws demand that they share.
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