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Following the terror attack on a bus conveying Christian pilgrims on their way to the St. Samuel the Confessor in the Minya Governorate, the Coptic Orthodox Church has decided to close the Mar Guirguis (St. George) Monastery of Al-Khataba town in the Monūfiyah Governorate, in Lower Egypt. The...
The author discusses the increasing phenomenon of Coptic girls converting to Islam, and considers the reasons behind these conversions.
The article discusses the way the church deals with sinning Christians, particularly girls. Christian clerics say the church always keeps the door open for girls who have sinned with Christian men, but girls who have sinned with non-Christian men are advised to keep away and receive intensive...
The efforts to revive the path of the Holy Family and restore all historical sites along the path didn’t stop at traditionally recognized sites only. Also the monastery of Saint Dimyana says it is located on the path of the Holy Family.
Copts prepare to celebrate Easter next Sunday [11 April 1999], and Egypt’s monasteries are making ready. It is the desert fathers who caused the monastic movement to bloom worldwide, and it is their spiritual heirs who continue to take the vows today.."
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