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The monastery of Anbā Bula Al-ʿAmer of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the Red Sea, issued a statement on Friday, warning of the production of a film that depicts the life of the deceased monk, Bishop Fānūs of Anbā Bula.
The author discusses the recently completed restoration work at the old Church of St. Paul in his monastery on the Red Sea. It highlights the important Coptic art and iconography that is present in the church.
Copts recently celebrated the thirty-fifth anniversary of Pope Shenouda’s consecration as patriarch of the See of St. Mark.
Bishop Bīshūy is a controversial figure in the Coptic Orthodox church. He is known for his traditional stands, but also for his reforms and important achievements.
The British Embassy in Cairo has hosted a reception to discuss the rare manuscripts of al-Siryān Monastery and ways to preserve them as part of the great Coptic heritage and Egyptian civilization.
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