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Al-Waṭan made the first interview with Anba Murqus, Bishop of Shubrā al-Khaymah, after he assumed the presidency of the Clerical Council for Family Affairs. During the interview, Anba Murqus underscored that the 2016 bill is applied in the personal affairs councils; pointed out that the Unified...
In its telegram of condolences to Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadrūs II for the casualties of the recent terrorist attack that took place in Minyā, Upper Egypt, last Friday, the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) expressed its strong condemnation of shedding the blood of innocent people.
This article looks at the Egyptian Court ruling allowing re-marriage, and the Christian Church’s refusal to accept it.
Hānī Labīb presents a history of the laws adopted by the church and the government to regulate Coptic marriage and divorce.
The article discusses the second laymen’s conference, the topics discussed, and the problems surrounding the conference itself.
After a phase of depression Pope Shenouda fell and broke his “hand” [Reviewer: the Arabic word used is “hand,” but the saying, “break one’s hand” in Arabic can refer to any part of the arm or the hand.]. He will resume his usual duties though, amidst calls for a minor holy assembly to govern...
This press review deals with criticisms made by a number of Coptic intellectuals against Archbishop Bīshūy, whom Christians term "the iron archbishop." His strict ways have resulted in the defrocking of many priests and 50,000 Christians leaving their Orthodox beliefs.
Bishop Bīshūy is a controversial figure in the Coptic Orthodox church. He is known for his traditional stands, but also for his reforms and important achievements.
The clerical committee is different from the administrative court, since it is not a governmental or administrative entity; however it is only a committee that consists of monks and priests. Therefore, this committee has its own laws and provisions concerning the issues of divorce and...
A defense of church trials in response to an article published in article of Rose al-Yousuf magazine by Sawsan, the daughter of the late defrocked priest Ibrāhīm ‘Abd al-Sayyid, over whose body the Pope ordered no prayers should be read.


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