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I have some questions related to the administrative and financial side of the Coptic Orthodox Church and these questions have nothing to do with the faith or theology. Coptic churches abroad suffer from many problems due to their expansion of church building in the absence of either a long-run...
The article presents a brief overview of the most important events that have happened in Egyptian churches during 2006.
Bishāy calls for unity and liberty in the church in order to avoid division.
The crisis of al-Kushh village which changed its name to al-Salām, in Sohag governorate, seems to experience a breakthrough after Bishop Wīsā, the bishop of al-Bilīnā, issued a decree to pardon the fourteen suspended priests.
The article sheds light on the alleged suspension of 14 priests from al-Kushh village, presenting their responses to the accusations.
Dr Nabīl Lūqā Bibāwī accuses Coptic intellectuals who oppose the policies of Pope Shenouda III and leaders of the Coptic Orthodox Church for trying to garner fame in the media by presenting themselves as reformists of the church.
Egyptian Coptic laymen organize a conference entitled, ‘A Laymen’s Look at the Problems of the Church.’ The conference faces severe opposition from main figures in the Orthodox Church of Egypt for the problematic issues it plans on handling. The review presents information about the conference...
The dioceses of the Coptic Orthodox Church have experienced an unprecedented state of rebellion. Many statements have been issued from different groups on the moral and financial improprieties committed by some bishops, who are supposed to be the spiritual symbols of the church.
A number of Coptic citizens from the Upper Egyptian village of al- Kushh complained to Pope Shenouda III, accusing clergymen from al-Kushh’ church of violating its regulations and of appropriating some of the church’s money.
The chairman of the church of St. Mīnā Monastery [Reviewer: No name mentioned], affiliated to the St. Mīnā Church in Alexandria, is now facing accusations of appropriating a 1,000,000 L.E. building and renting it to people without the permission of its owner.
The article discusses the issue of church funds and the sources from which they are obtained, amidst calls to transparently declare the budget on the grounds that church money is in the first place owned by Coptic citizens.
Money is the mother of all evils says the author. The author says that many financial transgressions are occurring in the church and His Holiness Pope Shenouda is not aware of all of them.
The author, the Vice President of the Council of State, questions why churches and their money and buildings are not considered to be public funds and, accordingly, are cut out of the scope of state protection.
The author focuses on vows and donations for Egyptian churches, how the financial yield from these funds is spent and the way these funds are managed.
The author probes the reasons behind the defrocking of two priests, Father Mina Ishaq and Father Bisada Zakī.
The article investigates the relationship between Egyptian churches and ways of healing black magic, as thousands of Muslims and Christians visit certain churches everyday to seek relief from evil spirits allegedly haunting them.
Dr. Mamdouh Halīm discusses the constant conflict between the Millī [Community] Council and the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The author examines the divisions that have taken place among the members of the Church of Grace, after members of the council of the church accused their president, Sāmī Hannā Ghubriyāl, of committing crimes for over 18 years.
Priests as well as sheikhs and imams have always been exempted from paying taxes. However, a recently issued decree by the Taxation Authority stipulates that the sum collected by priests in return for the religious services they perform in churches and for registering marriage contracts are subject...
A number of Orthodox clergymen have asked Pope Shenouda to apply the labor law so that they can enjoy social insurance and can have their salaries renewed. They also asked him to issue a special law that would stipulate the authorities of both priests and bishops and how to punish them if they...


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