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The article reports on the issue of Father Hābīl Tawfīq and his attempt to return to the Coptic Orthodox Church after attempting to start his own denomination.
The report of the State Council’s deputies recommended rejecting the appeal of Hābīl Tawfīq who asked for his invented fractioned denomination to be recognized.
I wrote several articles about the pseudo pope Habeel in al-Midan newspaper that devoted considerable spaces to this important issue. Habeel, who has only a certificate of elementary education, was alleging he has a PhD and that he was a professor of international law and international relations.
Max Michel stresses the legitimacy of his church, and the Coptic Orthodox Church stresses its rejection. Pope Shenouda is ready to meet Max Michel when the latter expresses his regression and removes his patriarchal garments and title.
The article deals with the reasons behind splits in the Egyptian church like the defection of Hābīl Tawfīq and Max Michel, who both want to set up churches independent from the mother Coptic Orthodox church, in addition to attempts by the Mormons to build their own church in al- Ma‘ādī, in...
In an interview with al- Musawwar, Habīl Tawfīq Sa‘īd, a self-styled ‘priest,’ speaks about the independent Orthodox denomination of the “Sons of St. Paul the apostle,” which he founded in 1982 and which then included 3.5 million Coptic Orthodox members from all over the world.
Al-Midan published five articles, four by Coptic priests, attacking Habeel Tawfiq Sa’id, an ex-wine dealer who founded a new Christian denomination which he called the Sons of Paul the Apostle. Sa’id declared himself the pope of the new denomination.
The author quotes two letters he has received. The first letter comments on a fire in a garage near the Church of the Great Martyr Mar Girgis and St. Bashnona. The second letter explains the criteria for the election of a patriarch. Habeel Tawfiq Sa’id does not meet those criteria and is not a...
The article is about the details of the lawsuit filed against Habeel Tawfiq who claims to be the Pope of a new Coptic denomination.
The article is an interview with a Copt who calls himself Pope Habeel II, claiming that he is the patriarch of a new orthodox denomination called the sons of St. Paul the Apostle. Habeel is accused of dissenting from the Church, rebelling against Pope Shenouda and provoking sectarian strife. He is...


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