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‘Alā’ al-Jamal and Hānī Mūsá writes about reported sightings of the Virgin Mary at the church of Musturud one week ago.
Watani interviewed Samir Mitri Gayed, a member of the National Egyptian Heritage Revival Association (N.E.H.R.A), a pressure group which is keen on opening up religious tourism in Egypt.
In light of the Holy Virgin’s fast, which begins on the first day of the Coptic month of Misra (7 August) and ends with the Feast of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin on 16 Misra, the author outlines the history of the sacred cave in Assiut which is believed to have sheltered the Holy Family for...
The author discusses his view that Zionists are fighting all other divine religions and trying to impose their idea that every believer is a terrorist.
The author describes his visit to the al-Muqattam Monastry and to the cave of St. Polā.
The article discusses magic, a practice that is considered abominable by the Bible but has been associated with past Coptic traditions.
The article investigates the relationship between Egyptian churches and ways of healing black magic, as thousands of Muslims and Christians visit certain churches everyday to seek relief from evil spirits allegedly haunting them.
The author investigates the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Egypt throughout the last 20 years. He interviews many priests to report the reasons why the apparitions were all recorded in Coptic Orthodox churches only.
Holy lights reported in the sanctuary of St Michael’s cathedral in Assiut, Upper Egypt draw thousands of Christians.
A new apparition of the Virgin Mary is reported to have taken place in Assiut.


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