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The author of the article reports on the claims concerning apparitions of the Virgin Mary and observes how they are regarded by different Christian denominations.
Majdī Khalīl describes Assiut as a brave city which has managed to triumph over the forces of evil.
Sayyid ‘Atiya is well-known in his home city of Beni Suef where he claims that he can cure people of diseases and sorcery using the Qur’ān, the Bible, the Psalms and "the science of letters,” as he calls it.
Discussion of the reported apparition of the Virgin Mary at the Malāk Mīkhā’īl Church in Assiut, Egypt.
Diana al-Dab‘ discusses the issue of healing miracles through Christian satellite channels, a major phenomenon which has prompted statements from prominent religious figures in Egypt.
Sharīfa Mas‘oud, a blind Copt, rejects the idea that when an individual does not experience miracles, it is due to the lack of faith in God.
Stories of miraculous healings among Copts by contemporary saints has becomes a phenomenon that deserves study. Rose al-Yousuf examines the phenomenon from a neutral perspective to show real reasons for the appearance of such stories.
When the journalist who wrote the article refuting the healing power of the dust around Father Yassa’s grave was identified while visiting the monastery, he faced problems.
Copts of Upper Egypt have reacted with fury to the article entitled ‘The sands of Father Yassa blind the children of Upper Egypt,’ published by al-Maydān.
Many Egyptian Copts, whether educated or illiterate, believe in the blessings of saints… A girl, although has a bachelor degree in pharmacology, keeps a glass of water mixed with sand, known as "Father Yassa’s holy sand", in her bedroom. She drinks this water everyday although these beliefs have no...


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