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The Evangelical and Catholic churches should soon be able to establish their own endowments bodies, as a bill setting the legal precedent for the authorities is nearly ready for Parliament.
The Fifth Circuit of the Supreme Administrative Court, led by judge ʿAbd al-Raḥman Saʿd, decided to postpone a ruling in an appeal case that was put forward against a decision by the Egyptian Government that outlawed the demolition of the Rashīd Church. 
President ‘Abdul Fattaḥ al-Sīsī issued Decision No. 198 of 2019 on forming the Board of the Coptic Orthodox Endowments Authority (COEA) under the chairmanship of Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark.
Titles concern the return of Coptic endowments to the Coptic Orthodox Church which the service has reported for the last two weeks. Sami Fahmi gives an account in Al-Ahali of the procedures of the handing over of the endowments. No new arguments were added in these articles.
Subtitle:Saad Zaghloul distributed bibles to excellent students and made, for the first time, the study of Christianity a scholastic subjectNot mentioning the religion on the identity card is an important request. Syria did it, but Egypt continues to refuseThere is a belief that Copts are rich...
The increasing phenomenon of the deposition of Orthodox priests has caused great controversy within the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Copts have asked the minister of awqāf [endowments] to give back the endowments of the Coptic Orthodox Church with the money the land would have gained in rent.
President Mubarak issued a presidential decree approving the new management board of the Coptic Endowments Authority. Officials within the authority explain that the problems between the authority and the Ministry of Endowments are dissolving after the authority reclaimed 600 feddans. The total...
The Egyptian Court of Cassation is looking into an appeal filed by the prosecution against Al-Kosheh sentences, amidst expectations of announcing its acceptance of the appeal.
... The head of the St. Catherine’s monastery filed a complaint against Bishop Makari, the recently-appointed bishop of Sinai, and accused him of trying to deprecate the historical importance of the monastery, which produces most of the tourist traffic in the area. The head of the monastery, Bishop...


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