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The issue of the divorce of Copts has become a problem with no solution. There are at least 144,000 pending cases waiting for approval.
Many Copts divorced in a civil court which is not accepted by the Coptic Orthodox Church who in turn refused to give people a remarriage permit which is needed to marry again. Because these permits are rarely given many people try to escape this Orthodox regulation and become members of other...
If Copts do not agree on using the Canon Law of the Coptic Orthodox Church for inheritance issues, they can resort to the Sharia, Islamic law. Many, writes Rose el-Yousef, do.
The author demands more organization of monastic life in Egypt.
An opinion on the issue of the marriage of Monks that was discussed last week. The author refuses the concept absolutely.
Coptic land that was confiscated by the government in 1971 is finally returned to the church (see the previous issue)
Rose el-Yousef describes the conflict between a Coptic Orthodox bishop and the people of a village in his diocese who wanted him to consecrate the son of the village priest as priest which the bishop refused. The Pope responded by taking this village and two other villages away from his diocese.


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