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The EgyptianChurch celebrated today the festival of mourning for Pope Kyrillos VI, the 116th Pope of the Coptic Church, at his shrine and church, recently inaugurated by Pope Tawadros II, at the Monastery of Saint Mina near Alexandria. The service was attended by a large number of priests and...
The Coptic Orthodox Church on Saturday commemorates the return of St. Mark the Apostle’s remains to Pope Cyril VI.
Watson, who knows Pope Shenouda and many of the Bishops mentioned in the book well, closes his review with Hasan’s words: “It is doubtful that the Copts have made much headway, in their century-long tortuously slow trajectory toward citizenship with equal rights. This statement becomes truer if one...
PhD student Fiona McCallum concludes that by focusing on the bishops of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Hasan provides a clear and original study of the impact of the reform movement, illustrating that the use of traditions such as Coptic martyrology combined with modernization of the administration...
The article discusses the passing of Father Antonious Henein, highlighting his achievements in his personal life and the contributions he made to furthering the Coptic Orthodox Church, both in Egypt, and in North America.
Dr. George Habīb Bibāwī discusses the history of the Coptic Orthodox Church before the time of Pope Shenouda III.
Many Christians are calling for an amendment to the regulations concerning the election of the Coptic Orthodox pope.
Copts recently celebrated the thirty-fifth anniversary of Pope Shenouda’s consecration as patriarch of the See of St. Mark.
Echoes on the conference of ‘Laymen and the Church’ are still eminent in Egyptian media. The review discusses the crisis of Watanī with the church over the participation of the former in covering the conference’s sessions.
A history of Watani and its relationship with the church following a controversial article printed in the newspaper considered offensive by the Coptic Church.
This article indicates that the Patriarchal Election Statutes of 1928 violate the church’s traditions.
The Institut Du Monde Arabe (IMA), in Paris, France, is presently holding a major art exhibit showcasing famous religious works of art, both Christian and Islamic.
This press review deals with criticisms made by a number of Coptic intellectuals against Archbishop Bīshūy, whom Christians term "the iron archbishop." His strict ways have resulted in the defrocking of many priests and 50,000 Christians leaving their Orthodox beliefs.
Reflections on the life of Bishop Samuel on the 25th anniversary of his death.
The author writes about Archbishop Samuel, whose achievements and services for the church and the country still attest to the devotion of this prelate.
This article outlines the history of the Coptic Studies Institute and the Ecclesiastical College and reviews a thesis submitted by Father Mīnā Jābir.
The largest spiritual gathering in France was held recently to show Westerners that not all Arabic speakers are Muslim and that there are a significant number of Christians in the Middle East too.
The writer examines the different challenges in electing a successor for Pope Shenouda III of Egypt.
The author affirms in his article that the Copts are not an ethnic minority that is separate from the rest of the Egyptian people, urging the church to stop trying to play a political role and to shoulder its responsibility of encouraging Copts to participate in the nation’s political process...
Stories of miraculous healings among Copts by contemporary saints has becomes a phenomenon that deserves study. Rose al-Yousuf examines the phenomenon from a neutral perspective to show real reasons for the appearance of such stories.


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