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‘Amr Bayyūmī reports on the statements of Bishop Bīshūy, secretary-general of the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod and bishop of Damietta, about Israel’s policies towards Christianity and Islam.
A book authored by the so-called church reformation group arouses heated arguments on the internet. The book accuses Pope Shenouda of violating the traditional preaching of the Coptic Orthodox Church and of providing heretic theological arguments.
Archpriest Butrus Butrus denies rumors that there is a tense relationship between Pope Shenouda and Bishop Bīshūy.
Bishop Kyrillos’ absence for the second time, during the reception of Pope Shenouda upon his return from abroad, raised questions and revealed that their relationship may have reached an impasse.
Majdī Fahmī discusses the differences between Christian denominations, presenting the opinions of Christian men of religion on the issue.
Sharīf al-Dawākhilī discusses Bishop Bīshūy, who in his opinion is a remarkable personality in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Despite the bishop’s increasing number of opponents, he is still seen as the enduring the strong man who has made a difference in theCoptic Orthodox Church.
The case of a Coptic young woman, āmāl Zakī Nasīm, is still open to all possibilities. Ten days after āmāl’s mysterious absence, security forces seem to be failing to obtain any clue about her place or state. The Egyptian press continues to report on the developments in the case.
Bishop Bīshūy rejects the propositions of a group of laymen to change the list of regulations for electing the pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church. He also announced the Holy Synod’s approval of a new paper by the metropolitan of Jerusalem prohibiting Copts from traveling there.
The article reviews a book authored by Bishop Paphnotius, the bishop of Samālūṭ, entitled, ‘Min-Abhāth al-Qānūn al-Kanasī: Muqawimāt al-Usquf wa-Rakā’izahu’ [From the Research on the Church Regulations: Fundamentals and Pillars of the Bishop]. In the book, Paphnotius draws the borders and powers...
George Bibāwī believes that there is a crisis within the Coptic Orthodox Church as even its senior leaders can be incorrect in academic studies in theology and doctrine. He calls to draft a plan to build up religious knowledge of teachers in Coptic institutes.


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