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The author castigates Bishop Bīshūy for adopting dictatorial practises and neglecting the role of laymen in the church.
This press review deals with criticisms made by a number of Coptic intellectuals against Archbishop Bīshūy, whom Christians term "the iron archbishop." His strict ways have resulted in the defrocking of many priests and 50,000 Christians leaving their Orthodox beliefs.
Many people attack Bishop Bīshūy’s severe attitude. However, other people put him in a supreme position as the guardian chosen by God to guard the true Christian faith.
Bishop Bīshūy is a controversial figure in the Coptic Orthodox church. He is known for his traditional stands, but also for his reforms and important achievements.
Father Mattá al- Miskīn is attacked by many conservative figures of the Coptic Orthodox Church. The text highlights some of the father’s liberal ideology concerning traditions of the Church.
Bishop Bīshūy considers himself to be God on Earth. He refuses to discuss with people who have opinions that differ from his. The author of the article reveals what he considered to be violations of the Christian doctrine in the writings of Bishop Bīshūī.
The Orthodox church continues its war against dissenting priests at its annual conference on orthodox doctrine.
In this article the author tries to analyze bishop Bīshūy’s stance against him and other key Orthodox figures by quoting an email written by Dr. George Habīb Bibawi.
This article shows that bishop Bīshūy does not like the approach of Rose al- Yūsuf newspaper and wants Copts to boycott it, which is viewed by Copts as reversion in the church’s reform.
The article discusses the critical challenges facing the Coptic Orthodox church, especially with regard to Bishop Bīshūy’s attitude and the conference for doctrine affirmation.


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