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The statement of the Holy Synod about the impeachment of Bishop Mitias – Bishop of Mahalla – was full of illogical slips and contradictions.
Interview about the achievements of H.H. Pope Shenouda, the first Coptic Orthodox reform Patriarch, changes during his reign and perspective on the future.
Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria is chairing a meeting of the World Council of Churches held in Brazil accompanied by a delegation of senior clergymen from the Egyptian Orthodox Church.
Midhat Bishāy comments on an interview al-Safwa channel had with Secretary of the Holy Synod, Bishop Bīshouy, in which the bishop discussed the issue of Archpriest Zakarīyā Butrus.
The article deals with the issue of Zakarīyā Butrus, a defrocked Coptic priest who attacks Islam on the satellite channel al-Hayāt, a matter which Bishop Bīshouy, the secretary of the Coptic Holy Synod, said runs counter to Christianity.
Several Copts demanded an investigation after the driver of Bishop Bīshouy termed Bishop Baphnotius, the Bishop of Samālout, an "enemy of Orthodoxy."
Disciplinary measures start with investigations, which must be conducted by a neutral fair investigator, who is obliged to hear statements of the witnesses and the priest’s defense. Decisions are taken by consensus, and therefore the author argues that the claims that Bishop Bīshouy has been...
The assistant accused Bishop Baphnutius of "rebelling against Orthodoxy” due to his failure to attend the Holy Synod’s sessions for years. "The punishment for attacking Bishop Bīshouy would not be small, and Baphnutius is tightening the noose around his own neck.”
A group of Copts headed by the Bishop of Samāllout is calling for the dismissal of Bishop Bīshouy, who they say has assaulted the dignity of the church and has abused his power.
Some Christian fatwas are the same as those issued by extremist Muslims. In fact, such fatwas cause sectarian strife among Christian denominations themselves. Eleven priests attacked the Egyptian movie Baheb El-Sima [I love Cinema] and accused it of insulting Christianity. This, in turn, led some...


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