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The Coptic Group for Church Reform is the signature that recently appeared in an announcement distributed in churches and on Web sites. The real identity of the group is as of yet unknown, providing an opportunity for rumors to spread. All the group pamphlets are opposed to Bishop Bīshūy.
A group calling themselves the “Clergy Group” handed out, on the eve of Easter, leaflets in which they accused Bishop Ammonius who has been isolated in Anbā Bīshūy Monastery, of swindling, stealing and wasting the bishopric’s money.
The article talks about Luxor Bishop Ammonius, and the dispute between him and Bishop Bīshūy.
Pope Shenouda III refused to meet a delegation of the sons of the Bishopric of Luxor who are still asking for the return of Bishop Ammonius. The delegation said that the problem of their Bishopric was not yet solved. Christians of Luxor sent the Pope a message in which they said "we get tired,...
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