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Council of State rules in favor of NGO status. Circulating rumors about Bishop Kyrillos of Naj al-Hammādī followed by demonstrations. PhD thesis declares Rose al-Yūsuf apostate, showing great divide between liberal minded journalists and traditionalist Islamic scholars.
During a lengthy interview, Pope Shenouda discusses Coptic identity and history, the Palestinian question, the churches support of President Mubārak in the upcoming elections, the issue of national unity in Egypt and much more.
Bishop Yuānnis speaks about the church in the modern age, arguing that though some laws do need to be updated, there is a general failure to recognize the positive aspects of the church’s laws, in particular those forbidding divorce. He also denies claims that the leading religious authorities are...
The problem of the unrestricted power of those high up in the Egyptian Church resurfaces once in a while. A situation in which a bishop has the power to dictate his orders at will, cause trouble for many people and still keep his position can have disastrous consequences for the church.
The Orthodox Cathedral in ‘Abbāsīya suffers from a real crisis because of the problems between Pope Shenouda III and his parishioners all over the country…. Many struggles are coming into light recently because of some bishops’ violations of Orthodox teachings….
The Church is at a critical point and state, and the negative repercussions of such a state are creating fierce defensive reactions accusing those opening such portfolio traitors, heretics, and perpetrators. The patience and negligence of such internal problems led to an avalanche of events and...
The statement of the Holy Synod about the impeachment of Bishop Mitias – Bishop of Mahalla – was full of illogical slips and contradictions.
After Pope Shenouda III, Patriarch of the Orthodox Church, accepted the resignation of Bishop Mitias - Bishop of Greater Mahalla – on April 22, the Mahalla Church came under the direct guardianship of the Pope, assisted by Bishop Bīshouy – Bishop of Damietta.
His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, the Patriarch of the Apostolic See of St. Mark, has called off the sermon of the ordination of clergy, following the session of the synod. He headed angrily to the Anbā Bīshouy Monastery in Wādī al-Natroun to inspect the disputes amongst the bishops regarding the...
Rā’id al-Sharqāwī reports about the Holy Synod meeting of June 18 that decided to dismiss Coptic Orthodox Bishop Mattias.


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