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Helwan, a suburb of Cairo, is a clear example of the good relations between Egypt’s Muslims and Christians. At the present time, Helwan’s Christian religious figures are well respected by both Muslims and Christians.
The Ministry of Justice is now studying the unified law of the Christian churches in order to introduce it to the People’s Assembly.
Pope Shenouda has prepared a unified personal affairs law for the non- Muslims. This project included many principles and public rules such as the commitment with the laws of each church and not allowing the married couple to divorce, but to be separated from each other.
At the same time this year both Muslims and Christians are celebrating their feasts. While the Muslims are fasting the holy month of Ramadan, the Christians are celebrating Christmas day. As a yearly tradition the Copts have made ’Mawaud Al-Rahman’ (Tables of the Merciful) for Muslims to join them...
The Coptic Orthodox Society in Helwan organized a symposium under the title "The Koshh events between lies and truth". The society refuted the campaign waged by the British newspaper [the Sunday Telegraph], stressed National Unity and rejected the interference of The House of Lords and the...


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