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Christians got more space to explain the general public about the importance of Christmas than in previous years. In this text Pope Shenouda’s message is summarized.
While I was watching the Christmas Mass on television. For the first time since the days of Nasser the Christmas celebration in the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral was broadcasted live.
This paper made a special Christmas supplement giving several Christian authors the opportunity to write about the importance of Christmas in Christian faith.
At the beginning of the New Year and the glorious Christmas day, we send our best regards and wishes to all Egyptians hoping it will be a fruitful year, full of God’s blessings. We renew our call for making Christian religious occasions official holidays.
The world is preparing to welcome the 2000-year anniversary to the Birth of Jesus Christ. The Christian Churches are working to make this anniversary a feast for deepening faith and a renewal of spiritual life.
At the same time this year both Muslims and Christians are celebrating their feasts. While the Muslims are fasting the holy month of Ramadan, the Christians are celebrating Christmas day. As a yearly tradition the Copts have made ’Mawaud Al-Rahman’ (Tables of the Merciful) for Muslims to join them...
Religious festivals have a philosophy in our life. The festivals of Jesus Christ start with celebrating his birthday till the day of his resurrection. He is with us in all circumstances, places and times. He is our support.


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