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The number of articles published about Christmas reflects the attention the Egyptian press paid to celebrations of it. The article gives a list of the articles published in five newspapers.
In the occasion of the Egyptian churches’ celebrations of the new year, Egyptian Christian leaders expressed their good wishes for the Egyptian people and the Arab world, hoping that peace and prosperity would prevail in the new year.
Father Marcos Aziz Khalil argues that the kind of fasting the Coptic Church observes, which involves abstention from food and drink for a certain period of the day and then eating vegetarian non-fat food, is not a human-made order but a divine one. God made this order Himself and it was written...
The article is about fasting and its spiritual significance. The total number of days of fasting in the Coptic Orthodox Church is 239 days per year. This means that Copts fast two thirds of the year.
Pope Shenouda participated in one of the symposiums of the Cairo International Book Fair. He commented on the expected war against Iraq, President Mubarak´s decision regarding January 7, Christians in the media, the relation between the American Christian right wing and Zionism, whether the...
The spokesman for the Orthodox Church in Jerusalem says that Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ except Christians in His birthplace. He expresses agreement with Pope Shenouda’s mandate to avoid visiting Jerusalem as long as it is under the control of Israel. He...
The birth of Jesus Christ brings peace and reconciliation. He is the mediator between man and God and through Him we were reconciled with God. The peace of Jesus Christ is not based on treaties. It is initiated from man´s heart and conscience.
Bishop Maximous of Madinat Al-Salam thanks the president for his decision.
Coptic organizations in the USA thanks President Mubarak for his decision establishing January 7, Coptic Christmas, as a national holiday for Christians and Muslims.
A comparison between Coptic Christmas before and after President Musbarak´s decision that January 7 is a national holiday. The author expresses the hope that this decision will revive the motto “Religion is for God and the homeland is for us all.”
Listing of articles published on the occasion of Eastern Christmas.
Youssef Sidhom wishes Egyptians a happy feast, and calls for 2006 to be a year of national coalition, with better Muslim-Christian relations, and full citizenship rights for all Egyptians.
The author argues that there is a need for a return to the Christian values of amity, peace and acceptance of others.
The author examines the different calendars used by Christians and explains the different days for the celebration of Christmas.
Fasting is a religious obligation in all heavenly religions, meant to conquer anger and develop self-control in man. Following the period of fasting comes the feast to celebrate its completion. The author examines how Egyptian Christians celebrate Christmas.
The motto "Religion is for God and the homeland is for all of us" gained ground in Egypt during the first half of the 20th century. Egyptians believed that faiths, rituals and feasts should be mutually respected by the holders of different faiths. The author tries to answer the question: what...
An interview with his holiness Pope Shenouda III covering the reality of the clash of civilizations, the different dates for celebrating Christmas and Easter, rumors of sectarian strife and extremism in religion and other subjects.
Egyptian media and political leaders paying attention to Coptic Christmas. Watani’s Editor-in-chief Yusuf Sidhom’s discusses the term ’ persecution’ in describing the position of Christians in Egypt.
President Husnī Mubārak phoned Pope Shenouda III to congratulate him on the Coptic Christmas and expressed heartfelt appreciation for the prelate and the Copts of Egypt. The President reiterated that Egypt is the country of all Egyptians, Muslims and Copts, and that Christians in Egypt are no...
It is remarkable that God distinguished Egypt by saying “My people” and not “People.” Egypt has ever been the land of peace and security to whoever seeks refuge on its land and can’t be shaken crises or ordeals.


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