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List of the articles commenting on President Mubarak?s decision that Coptic Christmas day is a national holiday. The decision is highly praised and welcomed.
Even after the end of the Christmas celebrations, articles on Christmas are still published in the Egyptian press. The strength of national unity between Muslims and Christians was highlighted in almost all articles.
The article is a list of the articles published about Christmas in the Egyptian press. The articles did not only touch upon the spiritual connotations and values of the birth of Jesus Christ. Many writers gave their articles a political dimension by expressing their surprise at the discrepancy...
A controversial book is released during the Christmas period denouncing Christians as apostates who can legitimately be killed.
In an interview with al- Ahrām, Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark congratulates Muslims on ‘Īd al-Adh? and wishes Egypt all prosperity and welfare.
The author records the Western interest of Christmas celebrations.
The Egyptian press has widely covered Christmas celebrations held by the Coptic Orthodox Church and presided over by Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark.
The writer talks about how the West has transformed the celebration of Christmas into a celebration of Santa Clause, and it is starting to become a phenomenon in the East.
Bishop Najīb talks about peace on Christmas Eve. It a message for all fellow-citizens of Egypt, whether Muslims or Christians, to live in peace and cooperate to build bridges for the good of this nation.
The writer tries to presents a Biblical chronology of the birth of Jesus Christ to clarify the difference between the Western and the Eastern Church calendar.


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