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For three years now, the midnight mass has been broadcasting of on TV. All Christians, especially in small villages, who are able for the first time to see their pope praying the mass on TV, appreciate such a thing.
Jesus was born to bring us a new time and a new place to live in. So, we have to help Him build this place and live this era that is appropriate to peace lovers.
Copts and Muslims were fasting in the same time. Now, they are celebrating their feasts together. At the same time, they are all sad to hear about the sad events, which happened in Al-Koshh.
Almost at the same time, Muslims celebrate the Bairam and Christians celebrate Christmas. This is a good chance for both groups to know more about each other’s religions and beliefs and to keep the brotherhood spirit high.
Whatever the circumstances were, or the excuses, what happened last week in Al-Koshh that is located in Upper Egypt should not pass away without strict and harsh punishment for everyone who caused or participated in or encouraged the disaster.
Al-Koshh and the nearby villages have gone back to normal life after passing through the uncharacteristic crisis, thanks to the agreement of all the parties to end any conflicts.
While Egyptians where preparing to celebrate Christmas and Eid Al-Fitr - the gift of God - that was sent to Egypt this year to confirm the unity of its people, the incidents of Al-Koshh came to spoil all that joy and happiness and cast depressing shadows on that occasion that comes only every...
Last night, General Ahmed Abdel-Aziz Bakr governor of Sohag, and the police, executive and people’s leaders participated in the prayers of Christmas mass in the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Sohag.
Mr. Ahmed Abdel-Aziz Bakr, governor of Sohag has yesterday morning visited the Cathedral of the Coptic Orthodox and the orphans in the organization of the Christian Beit Al-Rahma [House of Mercy], accompanied by Bishop Bakhoum, bishop of Sohag and the political, executive and people’s leaders and...
An attempt to raise a riot in Ismailia failed because the wise men responded to rumors which began to spread in the city. The rumor stated that a bloody fight took place between the Christians and Muslims in the principal city market last Friday morning. This happened when one of the merchants...
On January 7th, the Christians celebrated the holy Christmas and on January 8th, the Muslims celebrated a holy Lesser Bairam. During these hours and feasts, the wise men of the country were trying to collect the people and solve their problems, instead of leaving the fire turned on. The Christians...
Since many years ago, Dr. Milad Hanna has been used to inviting his Muslim friends to Iftar [the meal that Muslims take to break their fast at sunset during the month of Ramadan] the last Sunday in Ramadan. At this iftar many of Egypt’s Muslim and Christian notables are present which is a show of...
The head of the party sent his congratulations to Pope Shenouda on the occasion of Christmas. He said hoped that Egypt would enjoy a better future and a strong patriotic unity.
President Hosni Mubarak sent a letter of congratulations to the emigrant Copts for the holy Christmas who live in the United States.
Sub-titles: The issue of Jerusalem will not be solved through negotiations, be ready for other options. I refused to visit Bethlehem because the Israeli flag profanes its lands. We have to take an action to face the Israeli nuclear domination With confidence, faith and cheerfulness, Pope Shenouda...
In these days, the Egyptian happiness is doubled because it is celebrating both the Eid Al-Fitr for Muslims and Christmas for Christians.
Jesus taught of peace, not out of weakness but out of power, because the spirit of peace is the spirit of power. He made himself poor, to make us rich through his poverty.
When Joseph found out that his fiancée, Mary, was pregnant, he did not want to scandalize her. An angel then appeared to him to speak to him and told him three declarations about the great child.
Preachers of mosques all over the country have stressed on the importance of preserving national unity and supporting the stability of the Egyptian community in the face of attempts to harm that stability and separate the two elements of the nation, Copts and Muslims.
Calm has returned to the village. People have started going out of their houses for the necessities of their everyday lives. Steps are counted, for police forces are everywhere. Instructions are clear: "No negligence with any attempt to light fires again."


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