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On January 19, Christians in Egypt will be celebrating Epiphany – or as people usually call in Egypt “al-Ghuṭās” ­– in commemoration of Jesus’ baptism by the hand of John in the waters of the Jordan. Epiphany is characterised by several ceremonies in Egypt, such as eating taros and sugar canes, and...
In the Epiphany the Divinity of Jesus Christ Son of God was manifested by the descending Holy Spirit.
The writer talks about the Baptism feast, and how all Egyptians, Muslims and Christians, are sharing and celebrating these moments that indicates a unique social heritage.
Every year on January 19, the Coptic Orthodox Church all over the world celebrates the occasion in which Jesus Christ was baptized. This occasion is called Epiphany because Jesus revealed his Divine nature during baptism.
Almost until the end of the fourth century A.D., both Christmas and Epiphany were celebrated together in one day. However, after knowing the exact dates of the birth and baptism of Jesus Christ, each of the two occasions came to be celebrated separately. Christians used to baptize their children...
Father Shenouda Marqus welcomes President Mubārak’s decision to annul the Hamāyounī Decree, which required a presidential permission for the simple repairs to church buildings.
The author reports that Copts are celebrating Holy Epiphany, the baptism of Jesus.
Reviewer: ‘Amr al-Misrī One person has been killed and around 17 injured in Muslim-Christian clashes in the village of al-‘Udaysāt, Luxor, after Muslims allegedly attacked a church, which had been built without a license. A local priest accused the security forces of being slow to intervene.
The Coptic Orthodox Church celebrates the Epiphany on January 20. The writer gives a brief historical and religious background on the different ways of celebrating the feast.
Pope Shenouda explains the Biblical verse “This child [Jesus Christ] is set for the fall and rising again of many… and for a sign which shall be spoken against” (Luke 2:34).


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