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Bishop Bula of Tantā asserted in a national unity meeting held in Mār Mina monastery that Maximus is an American-made priest. He indicated that Maximus’ split was a step taken by the United States to infiltrate the church, because it considers the later an obstacle to normalization between Egypt...
Bishop Bula asserted in the national unity Suhūr that the United States uses Bishop Maximus to create sectarian strife in response to the Church’s stands against the normalization with Israel and to Pope Shenouda’s refusal to visit Jerusalem.
In this interview Bishop Boulā of Tantā and the head of the clerical council speaks about Coptic personal status problems.
An interview with Bishop Bula, the head of the Clerical Council, and the man who is in charge of giving marriage permits to Copts on the changing marital problems in Egypt.
In an interview with Ākhir Sā‘a, the head of the Clerical Council, Bishop Bula, acknowledges the existence of a number of problems faced by Copts in Egypt. He slams the law of 1938 and said it runs contradictory to the teachings of the Holy Bible.
President Mubarak issued a decree abolishing the Hamayouni Law governing the building and restoration of churches in Egypt. Still, many prefer to go ahead with building their churches without obtaining licenses, and then apply pressure on the government to legalize them. The Bishop of Shoubra Al-...
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