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The author, Robier al-Fāris, reports on a conflict between Bishop Paphnotius of Samālūt and Bishop Bīshūy, secretary of the Holy Synod.
Pope Shenouda III bans a conference organized by Michael Munīr. Allegations were made that the pope’s refusal is due to personal disputes with the bishop who mediated to be granted permission from the pope to hold the conference.
Bishop Baphnotious nominated himself for the position of secretary general of the Holy See of the Coptic Orthodox Church. The issue sparked conflict between him and Bishop Bīshūy, the present general secretary. Pope Shenouda and members of the Holy See are intending to hold a reconciliation session...
The clerical committee is different from the administrative court, since it is not a governmental or administrative entity; however it is only a committee that consists of monks and priests. Therefore, this committee has its own laws and provisions concerning the issues of divorce and...
Though the Coptic Orthodox Church has initiated preparations for the elections of al-Majlis al-Mīlī, some Copts are still calling for amending the council’s law.
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