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The article reviews the controversial book of the Bishop of Samālūt Bishop Paphnotius entitled, ’The Inevitability of Leading a Renaissance in the Church Function.’
‘Amr Bayyūmī discusses the recent criticisms that have been directed at senior leaders of both the Coptic Orthodox and the Protestant churches.
Bishop Bīshūy and a lay Christian scholar have published a book that responds to that of Bishop Paphnotius in which he openly criticized Bishop Bīshūy.
The author, Robier al-Fāris, reports on a conflict between Bishop Paphnotius of Samālūt and Bishop Bīshūy, secretary of the Holy Synod.
Muslim and Christian men of religion were absent from the reconciliation session in Samālūṭ. Parliament members and public leaders in the city gathered and led the reconciliation.
The article reviews a book authored by Bishop Paphnotius, the bishop of Samālūṭ, entitled, ‘Min-Abhāth al-Qānūn al-Kanasī: Muqawimāt al-Usquf wa-Rakā’izahu’ [From the Research on the Church Regulations: Fundamentals and Pillars of the Bishop]. In the book, Paphnotius draws the borders and powers...
The following lines present a summary of an interview with Bishop Paphnotius, author of the controversial book ‘Hatmiyyat al-Nuhūd bi al-‘Amal al-Kanasī’ [The Inevitability of Developing the Church Functions.]. Bishop Baphnotius express his viewpoints from different issues related to the Coptic...
The following lines are an interview with Bishop Paphnotius in which he comments on his book entitled, ‘Hatmyyah al-Nuhūd bil-al-‘Amal al-Kanasī’ [Inevitable Advancement of Church Work]. He stresses his loyalty to the Coptic Orthodox Church and denies any conflicts with the “brothers” of the Holy...
‘Imād Bisalī reports about Bishop Paphnotius’ book about developing church activities.
Pope Shenouda III bans a conference organized by Michael Munīr. Allegations were made that the pope’s refusal is due to personal disputes with the bishop who mediated to be granted permission from the pope to hold the conference.


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