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On Sunday, Pope Tawāḍrūs‎ II will preside over the celebration of the Coptic Orthodox Virgin Mary Church in Maadi, commemorating the Holy Family’s journey to Egypt, especially since the church was one of the highlights of its journey. The celebration, organized by Bishop Dāniyyāl, Secretary of The...
Bishop Cyril of Najaʿ Ḥammādī praised the annual visit conducted by the governorate’s executive leadership, headed by the Governor of the territory, to the Archbishopric to present their well-wishes for the feast.
Sectarian tension dominated the al-Nawāhid village in Qena yesterday as rumors of an 18-year old Coptic boy raping a 15-year old Muslim girl caused a violent outbreak burning ten houses. The state has tightened security in the village to contain the situation. The boy and girl are both being held...
Al-Kammūnī’s defense team promises surprises in the coming court session, and asks authorities to prevent Bishop Kyrillos from leaving the country before a final court ruling is issued.
Watani International reports on the incidents in Naj‘ Hammādī, listing the names of the dead and giving background about the threats reportedly received by Copts over revenge for the alleged rape of a Muslim girl in Farshūt. The article closes comparing the outrage over the killing of Marwa al-...
Bishop Kyrillos began mobilizing all Bishop Bīshūy’s opponents including Bishop Paphnotius of Samālūt and Bishop Taklā, who was excommunicated five years previously, in order to stand against Bishop Bīshūy.
Bishop Kyrillos asserted that his disagreements with some priests are due to material and administrative matters.
The article talks about the declining health of Bishop Kyrillos.
Ibrāhīm Jād and Michael ‘Ādil report about the growing dispute between Bishop Bīshūy and Bishop Kyrillos.
The article is an interview with Bishop Kyrillos, bishop of Naj‘ Ḥammādī, who allegedly tried to abuse his priests but was cleared of all charges.


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