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On the seventh of August of each year, the Coptic Orthodox Church begins the fasting of the Virgin Mary (lent), lasting for 15 days, during this period daily prayers and liturgy along with the spiritual revival are held in the evening, where priests and bishops give various spiritual words...
On Tuesday the Coptic Orthodox Church celebrated the 51th anniversary of the Virgin Mary's appearance, according to Christian belief, on the domes of the church that bears her name in the al-Zaytūn area of Cairo.
Always cognizant of St. Mary’s significance as pertaining to her bearing Christ in her womb, the Coptic Church spends the Coptic month Kiahk to celebrate Christ’s birth (on the 29th of Kiahk) honoring the Mother of God.
The Patriarch of the Coptic Catholic Church of Egypt, Bishop Ibrāhīm Isḥāq, offered his congratulations to the Muslim and Christian Egyptians for the fast of Ramadan, the Fasting of the Apostles, and the celebration of the Entry of Jesus into Egypt. During his sermon at the Holy Liturgy prior to...
  About one million Coptic and Muslim citizens in al-Minyā governorate celebrated the final, closing night [of celebrations] held in the Monastery of the Virgin Mary, located on top of Mount al-Ṭayr in Samālūṭ.
This article details the celebrations of the “Ascension Night,” where nearly 2 million Muslims and Christians participated.
The article reports on the celebration of the Virgin Mary feast and the expectation of a demonstration by Copts from al-Balyanā in front of the papal residence.
Copts begin the fast of theVirgin and in al-Balyanā they offer their fasting and prayers for the reinstatement of defrocked Father Bula.
The author gives us an insight into the communion between Muslims and Christians as both groups celebrated the final night of the Virgin Mary feast in Musturod [Reviewer: Egyptian city in Qalyūbīyah governorate] and in other monasteries in Upper Egypt and the Delta.
I have visited DrunkaDurunka, Assuiute, twice to take part in the annual celebrations at the Convent of the Virgin Mary between the 7th and the 21st of August. Inside the Convent, there is a cave where the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ stayed. Father Daniel Habib says that the Virgin Mary and Jesus...


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