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Many Christians are calling for an amendment to the regulations concerning the election of the Coptic Orthodox pope.
This article indicates that the Patriarchal Election Statutes of 1928 violate the church’s traditions.
Many articles were published in Watani, al-Ahram and al-Usboa in memoriam to Bishop Gregorios, the General Bishop of Theological Post Graduate Studies, Coptic Culture and Scientific Research, who passed away last week. All the articles in the first two papers concentrated on the personal...
Al-Arabi published three articles about Bishop Gregorios, the General Bishop of Theological Post Graduate Studies, Coptic Culture and Scientific Research, who passed away a few days ago. The articles covers the relationship between Pope Shenouda and the late bishop, an overview of the most...
The article summarizes a letter from Bishop Gregorius sent to al-Majlis al -Millī in 1971 that expresses his opinion about the current bylaw for electing the Coptic patriarch.
The author reflects on the life of Anba Gregorious (1967 to 2001), who was bishop of higher studies and scientific research and one of the pillars of the modern Coptic Orthodox church.
The secretary of the late Archbishop Gregorius says there were no differences in faith-related issues between the late clergyman and Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria, but there were different views between the two over issues that were not considered crucial.
Different papers are still paying attention to the death of Bishop Gregorios. All the articles published this week speak about the patriotism and good nature of the late bishop.
The grand prelate Anba Gregorios was different from all the other bishops who are filling all kinds of churches. He was most erudite in theology, a saint in spirituality, an ascetic in monasticism and a ferocious fighter who was willing to wage a fierce war in defense of the faith.
An article questioning the soundness of disciplinary acts taken by the Holy Synod against priests and bishops.
Summary of the Ph.D. thesis of Revd. Dr. Wolfram Reiss about the Sunday School movement in the Coptic Orthodox Church with a focus on the role of Pope Shenouda III and Father Matta el-Meskeen and the place of the church in a Muslim society. Reiss´ study provides an excellent insight into the...
The article is the text of a message Bishop Gregorios sent to the late sheikh Sha’arawi about the latter’s comments on Christian beliefs about the nature of Jesus Christ. The author believes that publishing this sensitive message is a way of bringing Christians and Muslims closer together.
"Giving statements requires being logical and fluent, and everything that lacks reason and does not reveal a truth is not a statement, even in signed by a hundred "intellectuals"!!, whether headed or not headed by Said Al-Naggar [Al-Naggar means the carpenter], the blacksmith, or even Said the car-...
Jesus taught of peace, not out of weakness but out of power, because the spirit of peace is the spirit of power. He made himself poor, to make us rich through his poverty.
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