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Summary of the Ph.D. thesis of Revd. Dr. Wolfram Reiss about the Sunday School movement in the Coptic Orthodox Church with a focus on the role of Pope Shenouda III and Father Matta el-Meskeen and the place of the church in a Muslim society. Reiss´ study provides an excellent insight into the...
The article is the text of a message Bishop Gregorios sent to the late sheikh Sha’arawi about the latter’s comments on Christian beliefs about the nature of Jesus Christ. The author believes that publishing this sensitive message is a way of bringing Christians and Muslims closer together.
"Giving statements requires being logical and fluent, and everything that lacks reason and does not reveal a truth is not a statement, even in signed by a hundred "intellectuals"!!, whether headed or not headed by Said Al-Naggar [Al-Naggar means the carpenter], the blacksmith, or even Said the car-...
Jesus taught of peace, not out of weakness but out of power, because the spirit of peace is the spirit of power. He made himself poor, to make us rich through his poverty.


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