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A consecrated woman in the Coptic Orthodox Church complains to Pope Shenouda III about Bishop Yu’annis who allegedly unfairly excommunicated her.
The article explains that Pope Shenouda is now against reform, although he has once been one of its strongest supporters.
The conference about the reform in the Coptic Orthodox Church is still arousing noise. This review presents the comments of Bishop Murqus, the official spokesman of Pope Shenouda III, and other different echoes and comments on the conference.
The Coptic Orthodox Church is experiencing an ongoing conflict between Christian clerics regarding the successor of Pope Shenouda.
The selection for pope number 118 of the Egyptian Orthodox church has been narrowed down to three top personalities: Bishop Bīshūy, Bishop Mūsá and Bishop Yu’annis.
This press review deals with a controversial announcement made by Max Michel, a Christian who split from the Coptic Orthodox Church and set up a church in the Muqattam area and named himself Archbishop Maximus I, amidst an outcry from the Egyptian mother church and severe criticism.
Last Friday, Bishop Yu’annis said the first mass at the Virgin Mary Church in al-Rihāb. Meanwhile, Pope Shenouda has decided to appoint Fathers Fīlopātīr Ramzī, Boulus Majdī and Antonious Emile to be in charge of the spiritual service in the area until new priests are ordained.
A photograph with the caption: His Holiness the pope met on Tuesday morning, May 9, with Professor Andreas Van Agt, a former prime minister of Holland. Bishops Marqus, Youhanna, You’annis, Angelius and Armiyā also attended the meeting along with Mr. Kees Hulsman and Dr. Mona Zakī.
Rose al-Yousuf congratulates the three Egyptian Christian religious men for being chosen as members of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches.
Bishop Yuānnis speaks about the church in the modern age, arguing that though some laws do need to be updated, there is a general failure to recognize the positive aspects of the church’s laws, in particular those forbidding divorce. He also denies claims that the leading religious authorities are...


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