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The Coptic Orthodox Church, headed by Pope TawāḍrūsII, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of Saint Mark, is preparing to celebrate this Friday, 11th September, the Coptic New Year, known as the feast of Nayrouz [ʿīd al-Nayrūz].
Christian officials and religious bodies celebrate these days the Egyptian or Coptic New Year, which begins with the feast of Nayrouz "ʿīd al-Nayrūz" in Arabic. With the rise of the sun of September 11, the year 6253 began according to the Egyptian calendar, which began in 4241 BC, but in terms...
Tomorrow, the activities of the exhibition "Wāḥid Tūt" (1st day of the month of Thout in the Coptic year) will be held at Miṣr Public Library, al-Zāwīyah branch, organized by the Egyptian Heritage Preservation association, headed by Mājid al-Rāhib . The ceremony will be opened by Dr. Muḥammad ʿAbd...
Every year, on September 11/12, the Coptic Orthodox Church celebrates the Coptic new year beginning , also called the Nayrūz, according to the agricultural calendar of Ancient Egypt. 
The Youth Against Discrimination movement has announced that it will join the Coptic new year strike.
Nādir Shukrī investigates a fire that took place in a church in a town in the Delta. The fire damaged the fans, the closed circuit TV monitors, the air conditioners, and the icons. The local bishop believes that the fire could have been intentional but he is still waiting for the report from the...
The Coptic Orthodox Church keeps its distance from the peaceful opposition gathering of Copts in the church of ‘Izbat al-Nakhl.
Copts recently celebrated the start of the 1726th year in their calendar. The Coptic calendar dates back to the start of the reign of the Emperor Diocletian in 284.
The article discusses the tradition of Coptic New Year and its origin.
The new Coptic year starts on September 11, 2004. The Coptic calendar is based on the Egyptian calendar, which is still used and memorized by Egyptian farmers.


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