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The author discusses the problems facing the Hanging Church as priests accuse a Christian businessman of encroaching on the sanctity of the church by building bazaars in front of the Mār Girgis church. Some point an accusing finger at the Supreme Council of Antiquities for supporting the...
The author reviews an old article of Pope Shenouda published in 1951. The article expresses the Pope’s opinion on the idea of establishing a churches union.
A number of Christian clergy, including Father Marqus ‘Azīz, Father Ibrām Emile Nājī and Father Antonius Mikhā’īl, respond to claims about the alleged involvement of the Coptic Orthodox church in the disappearance of a number of Muslim girls, whom were said to have converted to Christianity.
The author discusses his view that Zionists are fighting all other divine religions and trying to impose their idea that every believer is a terrorist.
Hamdī al- Hussinī sheds light on the controversy in both Muslim and Christian circles concerning the unified law for houses of worship. Supporters of this law hope that it will diffuse tension and sectarianism amongst Muslims and Christians, while opponents warn of negative consequences from...
Father Marqus ‘Azīz has discovered that there is someone claiming to be Monk Mitiās Nasr in order to commit fraud.
The Egyptian churches have agreed not to seek a ban on Dan Brown’s controversial movie but will instead launch anti-Da- Vinci-Code campaign.
The Azhar has published a book called Mulāhadhāt ‘Ilmīya ‘Ala Kitāb al-Masīh fi al-Islām [Reviewer: Scientific notes on the book of Christ in Islam] by Dr. Muhammad ‘Umāra. “Who carried the cross upon which Jesus was crucified, Christ or Simon of Cyrene?” and the number of thieves who were...
Bishop Marqus sent a reply to the Muslim preacher Khālid al-Jindī regarding al-Jindī’s interview with journalist Hānī Rizk in Sawt al-Umma newspaper.
The article investigates the relationship between Egyptian churches and ways of healing black magic, as thousands of Muslims and Christians visit certain churches everyday to seek relief from evil spirits allegedly haunting them.


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