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In interviews from Cairo to the deep southern town of Kosheh, many Egyptians voiced mistrust and scorn for the other religion, while others said Egypt enjoyed religious harmony and that Kosheh was an isolated incident.
Father Makarios Yusef of Abu Qurqas told al-Wafd about how he convinced AFP-correspondent Lachlan Carmichael about the unity of Muslims and Christians in Abu Qurqas. The RNSAW spoke to Carmichael who referred for his opinion to his article in the Middle East Times.
Bishop Wissa, Bishop of Al-Balyana and Dar El-Salam, where Al-Kosheh is located, was sending many faxes to international human rights organizations, and to Copts living abroad, demanding that they rise and save the Copts of Egypt from the killings they suffer at the hands of Muslims!!! Wissa spoke...
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