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Parishes of the Coptic Orthodox Church abroad have taken preventive measures against the Coronavirus in countries where the epidemic has spread, especially Italy, Greece and Kuwait.
Before the advent of Easter, Egypt’s Catholic and Orthodox Christians fast for 55 days – from midnight to around 3 pm. These times might vary according to what the priest says basing on one’s age and health condition. During Christian fasts, meals are devoid of meat or dairy products. The Christmas...
This article deals with the Christian fasts. It sheds light on the difference between some Christian denominations in fasting.
Al- Maydān publishes the Supreme Council of Antiquities’ resolution no. 2129, dated July 18, 2006, which calls for immediate restoration of the Hanging Church in Old Cairo.
Many of the sayings and stances of Jesus Christ show that He is not against sex. However, the early fathers of Christianity introduced the theory of sexual fasting and considered it the peak of faith. This anti-sex attitude led to an anti-women attitude and to many arguments concerning whether a...
Fasting is a religious obligation in all heavenly religions, meant to conquer anger and develop self-control in man. Following the period of fasting comes the feast to celebrate its completion. The author examines how Egyptian Christians celebrate Christmas.
As the Coptic fasting that precedes the Easter started on 16 February [it continues for 55 days], the article gives information about fasting in Coptic Christianity, its meaning and rules.
In his 1982-book "Our Fasts Between the Past and the Present...Their Spiritual Essences and Historical Roots," Father Kyrillos Kyrillos, the priest of Mar Girgis church, in Khamoria, touched upon the issue of fasting in Christianity. He stated that the way the fasts in the Orthodox Church are now...
Though Christians are not religiously obliged to visit monasteries, they often do. They are usually offered food. It is a good chance for young people to meet and get to know each other. Some church groups visit monasteries and then move to the nearest beach for a kind of entertainment.
On fasting and the Coptic calendar.


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