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Divorce issues pose serious problems in many Copts’ private life and are causing a severe conflict between the state and the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The recent intensive conference seminars, which were supposed to be on doctrine, attacked several Coptic figures and church symbols, including as Father Mattá al-Maskīn, father Ibrāhīm ‘Abd al- Sayyid and Max Michel.
Discussion about the issue of divorce in the Coptic church, the ten conditions under which divorce was allowed in the 1938 law, and Pope Shenouda’s rejection of these conditions.
Gamal Asa’ad discusses the role of the Arab Christians, and Samuel Huntington’s clash of civilizations. He rejects outside interference in the affairs of the Copts suggesting that such interference is for the benefit of the US and is carried out on the pretext of protecting the human rights...
In this article the author talks about the Pope Shenouda’s medical problems and his disagreement with Father Ibrahīm ‘Abd al-Sayd.
The article deals with the issue of the defrocking of priests and monks as 50 clergymen have been defrocked during the past five years, the most recent of whom were two priests in al-Jīza parish who were defrocked for committing financial excesses and violating canon laws.
Bishop Yuānnis speaks about the church in the modern age, arguing that though some laws do need to be updated, there is a general failure to recognize the positive aspects of the church’s laws, in particular those forbidding divorce. He also denies claims that the leading religious authorities are...
Sawsan Ibrāhīm ‘Abd al-Sayyid [daughter of late Father Ibrāhīm ‘Abd al-Sayyid] responds to Rose al-Yousuf’s interview with Bishop Mousa.
The transcript of an interview with Bishop Marcos of Shubrā al-Khaymā about the rules regarding the succession of a pope, church and politics, Father Matā al-Miskīn and other subjects.
The deceased, Father Ibrāhīm ‘Abd al-Sayyid, was a paradigm of how an enlightened cleric should be. He was marked by tolerance and spirituality and was always providing us with information about the old and modern history of the Coptic Church.


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