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He supports the freedom of religion as an assertion to Allāh’s instructions: a man needs not register his conviction, adding that this principle represented the spirit of Islam.
The Danish premier denounced any expression of opinion that is meant to distort the image of any group based on their religious or ethnic affiliations, adding these acts have no place in a society that is built on respect for the individual. He described cartoons published by newspapers in Denmark...
A high-ranking Muslim-Christian delegation, led by the muftī of Egypt, Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘a, is due to arrive Thursday in the Republic of Ireland in an attempt to correct the false perceptions of Islam in Europe and to push forward interfaith dialogue.
A critique of the Egyptian government’s handling of the Sudanese refugees protesting in Cairo.
After the September 11, 2001 incidents, a fierce war on terror has started and it even grew fiercer with after the Madrid 11, 2004 bombings. Some believed that the terror networks have been diluted, only to be shocked by the July 7, 2005 bombings in the heart of London, which revealed the emergence...
Germany plans to introduce a "test of loyalty" to Muslims applying for German nationality and India warns of potential terrorist attacks.
‘Abd al-Rāziq, professor of sharī‘a and theology at the Dār al-‘Uloum says that his study of the names of Allāh has taken two years of immense research of over 50 encyclopedias comprising 20,000 books. He elaborated that many of the names of Allāh are not among the 99 attributes of God, known to...
The author believes that the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy is no longer able to play an effective role as one of Egypt’s most reputable Islamic institutions.
The congregation of St. George’s Memorial Church, the Anglican church in Baghdad fears the loss of its entire lay leadership.
Egypt has been chosen as the venue for the third international meeting of the Episcopal Church. Church leaders explained the choice as a recognition of the role played by both Egypt and President Mubārak in conflict resolution and development in the region.


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