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Asmā’ ‘Abd Allāh reports on differing opinions about appointing a woman as head of the Anglican Church of America.
In an attempt to curb the sea of fatwas, the Azhar has recently submitted a proposal to the People’s Assembly, in which it called for introducing legislation to criminalize the issuance of fatwas by unqualified Muslim scholars, Muhammad Khalīl writes.
Claims that Pakistani Christian children sold as slaves to fund Islamic militants and that the police have failed to take action, despite two Christian missionaries providing photographic evidence of children being sold.
Usāma al-Ghazoulī writes about the press conference held by the former prime minister of The Netherlands, Prof. Andreas Van Agt, during his short visit to Egypt.
Some Egyptians have filed lawsuits against the grand imām of the Azhar, Shaykh Muhammad Sayyīd Tantāwī calling for his dismissal for his "unacceptable" opinions about the hijāb in France and his position regarding the Danish cartoons against the Prophet Muhammad.
The author investigates in this series of articles the early beginnings of the Salafist ideology that depends on jihād as its principal activity and discusses the reverberations of this movement in several countries.
Talāl al-Ansārī, the second defendant in the so-called al-Fanīya al- ‘Askarīya [Armed Forces Technical College] case of the 1974 abortive coup, continues publishing his diary in episodes in Rose al-Yousuf magazine.
The speech given by Lord Carey, former archbishop of Canterbury, at the opening of the second theological college in Alexandria.
The Episcopal Church is celebrating the opening of the second Alexandria School of Theology in a new attempt to prove its independence from the Evangelical denominations.
Former member of the Jihād Group and the current spokesman for Egyptian Shi’ites, Sālih al-Wardānī, denies persecution of Shi’ ites in Egypt and declares his intention to establish a Shi’ite political party.


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