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The Episcopal Church is celebrating the opening of the second Alexandria School of Theology in a new attempt to prove its independence from the Evangelical denominations.
Former member of the Jihād Group and the current spokesman for Egyptian Shi’ites, Sālih al-Wardānī, denies persecution of Shi’ ites in Egypt and declares his intention to establish a Shi’ite political party.
For the first time the lawyer of the Gama’at Al-Islamiya in Egypt appeared on official Egyptian TV, as the guest of the television program "Penetration." He expressed his opinions concerning the reasons that push radical fundamentalists to resort to violence.
In an interview with Subhī Mujāhid from Rose al-Yousuf, Shaykh Ibrāhīm ‘Atā al-Fayyoumī, secretary-general of the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy, explains the real role of the Azhar and clarifies its judicial authority to confiscate books.
Part of a series of interviews with Talāl al-Ansārī, a former Islamist terrorist who was a member of a violent Islamist group in the 1970s and who served a 20-year term in jail.
Contrary to the expectations of many, the muftī of the republic, Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘a has apologized for not participating in the newly-formed Interfaith Dialogue Committee affiliated with the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy.
Nasr Hamed Abou Zeid [Abu Zayd] has found himself on the wrong side of Al Azhar once more. Al Azhar´s Islamic Research Council has recommended that a book by Abou Zeid be banned. The book was brought to Al Azhar´s attention by Muhammad Emara, who is also part of the 45 member council. Adel Abdel...
After reviewing a research prepared by Dr. Muhammad Emara on Dr. Nasr Abu Zeid´s book “Discourse and Interpretation,” The Islamic Research Institute recommended banning the circulation of the book. Emara´s research was credited by the members of the institute, the foremost of whom is the Sheikh of...
The Islamic Research Institute called for a ban of the circulation of Abu Zeid’ book “Al-Khetab wa Al-Taweel” [Discourse and Interpretation], arguing that it challenges monotheism and the divine preservation of the Holy Qur’an.
The writer criticizes a decision issued by the Islamic Research Institute to ban a book of Dr. Nasr Abu Zeid, titled “Al-Khittab Wa Al-Ta’weel” [Discourse and Interpretation]. The writer believes that the opinion of the Azhar should be consultative and fatwas of its sheikhs should neither be...


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