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The Armenians came to Egypt in waves of migration during the Middle Ages. Since then, they have been outstanding and successful in all careers and positions they occupy. An overview.
Currently, however, a small booklet about "El-Isra’ and Me’rag" (night journey and ascension to heaven) is being distributed among Christian youth as an old, medieval, document authored by an old Syrian Orthodox bishop. The story resembles the night journey and ascension to heaven of the prophet...
An article on: - The opening of the church of the prophet Moses for visiting tourists. 3750 steps lead to the place where Moses talked to God, - A protocol for twining with the Greek town of St. Catherine, - Renovation of tourist hotels and villages, completion of the building of a new hospital...
Bishop of Greece -the head of the Greek Orthodox and Catholic Greek Bishops- hailed President Mubarak’s efforts to find peace and love, avoiding wars and tensions in the region.
In a visit to Egypt, Bishop Christodoulos, Archbishop of Athens and Greece, hailed the efforts exerted by President Hosni Mubarak to find peace in the Middle East and to fight terrorism.
The Monastery of St. Catherine is considered one of the most famous monasteries in the world, situated in Sinai where God talked to Moses. At this famous monastery is a patriotic man in both body and soul who prevented the Israeli flag from being flown on top of the monastery instead of the...
The Arab Orthodox Churches of Palestine have called on Arab nationalist groups to protect their land which is being sold to the Israelis by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch Zeoudorous.
Christians in Jordan are well off. They are also reaching high government positions.
Christians in Syria make up approximately 12% of the population. The article gives an overview of their presence.
The author bases his article on a research carried out by Dr. Sabela of the University of Bethlehem about the ongoing decline of the Christian presence among Palestinians. Dr. Sabela found large numbers still want to emigrate.


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