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Fr. Rif’at Fathy, representative of the EvangelicalChurch revealed the possible features of the Church Building Law that the three churches are preparing to submit to the Ministry of Transitional Justice. 
St Mark’s Cathedral in Abāssiyah has witnessed security intensifications on the eve of the revolution’s anniversary. Security personnel locked its gates and prohibited the any cars from entering. Pope Tawadros has left the Cathedral to the Monastery of Saint Bishoy in the Wādī al-Natrūn (Mustafá...
“Freedom has a high price and burning churches is part of this price that we pay for our country in love and patience.”
President of the Faculty of Religious Sciences of St. Joseph the Jesuit University of Beirut, Fr. Edgard al-Haybī (also al-Haiby) was received by the Coptic Catholic Patriarch Ibrahim Ishak [Ibrāhīm Isḥāq] in Cairo, Egypt.
Churches shall commemorate the first anniversary of the attacks that took place last year on several churches nationwide
The Churches and dioceses in Egypt have witnessed intensified security measures by the armed forces and police. In Gharbia, Mar GirgisChurch in Tanta has witnessed high attendance of New Years Mass among intense security procedures. On the other hand, in Qena, the security forces have preempted a...
The three Coptic churches [Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant] have agreed to hold prayers the coming Friday (23rd) and Sunday (25th) before the presidential elections are held. 
The Episcopal Church of Egypt stated, on Sunday, that a meeting has been held between Lord George Carey, Former Archbishop of Canterbury, and Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayyib, Grand Imam of al-Azhar. The meeting was attended by Dr. Munīr Ḥannā Anīs, President Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Egypt.
Bishop Munīr Ḥannā Anīs, the Archbishop of the Episcopal Church in Egypt, North Africa and Horn of Africa, sent a cable to President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī, to congratulate him on the 45th anniversary of October victory.


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