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Bishop Mūsá meets the organizers of the conference on ‘Laymen’s View on Church Problems.’
The author talks about a conference on the ‘Laymen’s Vision of Church Problems.’
The author replies to Yāsir Ghubriyāl’s criticism about a conference entitled, ‘Laymen’s View on Church Problems,’ and shows some misunderstandings and the real aim of the conference.
The author blames some Copts for the conference they held to discuss church’s private issues. He also disagrees with some of its key recommendations.
The author records the strong and weak points of the first lay meeting ‘Laymen’s View on Church Problems.’
Kamāl Zākhir Mūsá responds to an official statement attributed to the National Contribution Society of the Central Committee of Youth Ministry that is affiliated with the Coptic Orthodox Bishopric of Alexandria. The statement attacks the ‘Laymen’s Look at Church’s Problem’ conference that was...
Al-Maydān claims the Coptic Orthodox Church isolated Bishop Marqus and assigned Bishop Rūfā’īl in his place. Bishop Marques denies this.
The recent conference entitled, ‘Laymen’s Look at the Church’s Problems,’ has caused a real crisis between the Coptic Orthodox Church and Watanī newspaper. It has revealed accumulating misunderstandings, which the so-called reform conference brought to head.
The author of the article refers to a conflict that arose between the church and the Coptic newspaper Watanī, and discusses the church’s relationship with the Coptic press over the past century.
Najīb Jibrā’īl asserts that a lawsuit promoted against Max Michael was not accepted, claiming that new claimants joined them for the appeal court. On the other hand, Max Michael seems to be sure of winning in the end, claiming that his church will soon be recognized and that he will organize a...


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